12 February 2011

No small diversion

I've recently picked up knitting again, and it has seriously queued my reading. Which explains (sort of) the 3 month gap between my last two posts.

Thanks to knitting I am also now supporting a yarn addiction. I have been purchasing yarn from online stores, notably this lovely one, like a crazed turkey. I'm going to have to buy an extra large basket just to store all my yarn.

So I thought I'd keep track of my projects, to hold myself accountable for my yarn stash.

My very first project was a green scarf, knitted 3 years ago. It's still serving me very well, including as a very comfy and warm little bed for pussy cat on her first night in Singapore!

Penelope the Empathetic Monster
Pattern by Rebecca Danger here

Then about three months ago, after knitting a tiny little bunny (free pattern here) as an intro to double pointed needles and knitting toys, I made this monster (left) for mum for Christmas. Then I decided to try my hand at sock-knitting (right), hoping to time it perfectly for winter in Japan. Unfortunately, I didn't finish the other sock in time before getting on the plane!

Well the missing sock is partly explained by my casting on for this "mittenscarf" (left), also for Japan but again, I did not finish it before getting on the plane and had to continue knitting it while on holiday. Finished it on my last night there, and got to use it for all of 2 hours.

2 days ago, I used super bulky yarn I bought at Avril, an amazing little yarn store in Tokyo, to "finger crochet" this mushroomy beanie (i.e. no needles or crochet hooks) - super fun, and I don't even know how to crochet! Plus, I completed it in less than an hour.

A few hours ago, I had heaps of fun winding a hank of Koigu KPPPM yarn into a cute little ball.

And that's where I'm up to for the moment.

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